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Qmedics 635 NiTi – Stent

Driven by science and innovation this stent combines an extended peripheral vascular and biliary indication.

The combination of the two indications and the special design makes the 635- QM1, a stent with an Excellent trackability, longitudinal flexibility combined with maximal radial force, no foreshortening and significantly reduced fracture rates.

A stent that has a perfect adaptation and accurate stent placement in vascular lesions and biliary tract.

Product Features

Diameter 5 - 12 mm
Stent Length 20 to 200 mm
Usable Length 75 and 120 cm
Qmedics 635 NiTi – Stent -
  • Radiopaque Markers on Stent Ends
  • Maximun Flexibility
  • 6F Introducer Compatible
  • 0.035" Guide Wire Compatible
  • Extremely Flexible and Kink resistant
  • Standard Packaging available
  • EO-Sterilized
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