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Balloon Dilatation Cathether

Push and track through difficult lesions with the OTW PTA balloon catheter BDK 535, the workhorse of balloons for use in your above the knee interventions. Choose from the broad sizes offered to treat peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in a variety of vessel sizes and lesion types. Qmedics BDK 535 balloon is designed to facilitate and speed up the procedure and covers a wide set of indications. Crosses tight lesions easily with low balloon profile and robust pushabilit. The Super-flexible tip maneuvers easily through tortuous, tight vasculature.

Product Features

Balloon Diameters 3 - 10 mm
Balloon Lengths 20 - 150 mm
Shaft Lengths 75, 120 cm
Nominal Pressure 6 bar
Rated Burst Pressure 15 bar
Qmedics 535 BDK - Balloon Dilatation Cathether
 - Balloon Dilatation Cathether
  • Controlled Compliance
  • 5/6F Introducer Compatible
  • 0.035" Guide Wire Compatible
  • Highly flexible dual- lumen Shaft
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