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Balloon Dilatation Catheter 518 BDC–PTA

The NAGA 5F is a robust dual-lumen shaft balloon catheter with controlled compliance in diameters 4 to 7 mm and 40 to 220 mm length. Low profile opens access to small vessels and tortuous anatomy. The extra long usable of 175 cm length take you deeper into the anatomy and cross difficult lesions. A broad size matrix will be delivered to treat a variety of vessel sizes and lesion types.

Product Features

Balloon Diameters 4 - 7 mm
Balloon Lengths 40 - 220 mm
Shaft Lengths 85, 135, 175 cm
Nominal Pressure 6 bar
Rated Burst Pressure up to 16 bar
Material Nylon
NAGA 5F - Balloon Dilatation Catheter 518 BDC–PTA
  • Semi-compliant and puncture resistant balloon
  • Controlled compliance
  • 2 Radiopaque markers
  • 5 F introducer compatible
  • 0.018" guide wire compatible
  • Highly flexible dual-lumen shaft
  • Kink resistant shaft
  • Rapid inflation and deflation times
  • EtO-sterilised
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