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Balloon Dilatation Catheter 635 BDC-PTA

The Manatee 6F is a robust dual-lumen shaft balloon catheter with controlled compliance in diameters 4 to 10 mm and 40 to 220 mm length. Our 2-Lumen shaft has an inflation- and a guidewire lumen. Due to the balance between good trackability and pushability properties the catheter system as well owns short inflation- and deflation times.

Product Features

Balloon Diameters 4 - 10 mm
Balloon Lengths 40 - 220 mm
Shaft Lengths 85, 135, 175 cm
Nominal Pressure 6 bar
Rated Burst Pressure up to 16 bar
Material Nylon
MANATEE 6F - Balloon Dilatation Catheter 635 BDC-PTA
  • Semi-compliant and puncture resistant balloon
  • Controlled compliance
  • 2 Radiopaque markers
  • 5/6 F introducer compatible
  • 0.035“ guide wire compatible
  • Highly flexible OTW dual-lumen shaft
  • Kink resistant shaft
  • Rapid inflation and deflation times
  • EtO-sterilised
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