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Self-expanding Peripheral Stent 518 5F

The Qmedics portfolio is based on a “back to the basic” concept, where each product has been carefully designed to be compliant with lesion charasteristics and movability of the artery.

The FALCOR 5F self-expanding Peripheral Stent has an open cell peak-to-valley design and comes in different characteristics. Thin stent struts for lower restenosis rate. Two tantalum markers at each stent end for proper visibility. Stent diameter from 5 to 8 mm and a length from 30 to 200 mm. Marker band on outer shaft and a radiopaque tip for absolutely controlled stent deployment. Long lesion treatment with a single stent. Multifunctional braided catheter for optimal balance between pushability, trackability and accurate stent placement.

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Product Features

Diameter 5 - 8 mm
Stent Lengths Up to 200 mm
Usable Length 85, 135, 175 cm
FALCOR 5F - Self-expanding Peripheral Stent 518 5F
  • Pull-back OTW delivery system
  • Stent material Nitinol
  • Radiopaque tip
  • Intuitive delivery system
  • Marker band on outer shaft for accurate stent deployment
  • Available as Flex and Pull Type
  • 4 tantalum markers
  • 5 F introducer compatible
  • 0.018" guide wire compatible
  • Peak-to-Valley stent design, kink resistant
  • Extremely flexible
  • EtO-sterilised
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