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PTCA Dilatation Catheter

The TATSU is a rapid exchange catheter with a seven-cup balloon for pre-and post-dilatation of the coronary arteries. The unique design of the catheter and balloon, the use of modern materials and an innovative hydro¬philic coating provide an excellent combination of working properties of the catheter and rapid inflation/ deflation time of the balloon. The TATSU combines the competitive features of an ideal workhorse balloon dilatation catheter.

Product Features

Diameter 1.50mm to 4.00mm
Balloon length 10mm - 40mm
Usable length 138 cm
Nominal pressure 8 bar
RBP up to 19 bar
TATSU - PTCA Dilatation Catheter
  • Very low entry profile with a bevelled tip to cross the most difficult lesions
  • Maximum flexibility for easy navigation to reach the most distal lesions
  • Fast inflation and deflation times to maximize efficiency during treatment and reducing the procedure time
  • Increased pushability for a significant force transition from hub to tip
  • High rated burst pressure to optimize working range
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