30. July 2020

PTA Qmedics product family Manatee-Naga-Nova is launched

The rise in the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and peripheral vascular diseases, adaptation to a sedentary lifestyle, better healthcare facilities are key factors contributing to increase of the PTA balloon market during the last few years. According to the current market analysis the global PTA balloon Catheter market is still expected to double in the next coming years.

Qmedics sparing no expense or efforts, took on the courage & challenge to meet the high regulatory requirements had a lot of patience during the difficult COVID time where the Notified body approvals took forever.
We can proudly announce the CE certification of the new PTA balloon family portfolio: Manatee 6F-Naga 5F & Nova 4F

The Qmedics PTA balloon family has a wide spread of sizes that treat more lesions and locations.

The new portfolio is totally manufactured at the Qmedics facility- from raw material to the final sterilized product. Qmedics controls each and all processes of the manufacturing and has no external processes.

This is the Qmedics back-bone of our Swiss quality.