30. September 2019

Qmedics achieved to close with success the first investigator meeting

“Horizon” Clinical investigation of the Qmedics Exist & Falcor NiTi Stent portfolio with the Flex & Pull type in adults with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

Qmedics achieved to close with success the first investigator meeting

“Horizon” Clinical investigation of the Qmedics Exist NiTi Stent portfolio with the Flex & Pull type in adults with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

Qmedics has started with the preparation of a prospective, non-randomized, multi-centre, multi-national, monitored trial, “HORIZON” will be conducted at several investigational sites in Europe. The HORIZON trial data will support safety and effective clinical performance of the Medics Exist NiTi stent type Flex & Pull.

The investigational products Exist (6Fr) has two types they posses the Flex and Pull properties. This novel design is for treating the lesion characteristics as well as taking in consideration the movability of the arteries.

Flex: The Flex property is recommended to be used in complex and moderate calcified lesions with arteries subjected to bending deformation in combination with radial compression.

Pull: The Pull property is recommended to be used in highly calcified and difficult to cross lesions with arteries subjected to longitudinal deformation and radial compression.

Primary endpoint: Freedom of procedure- or stent-related Major Adverse Events (MAEs) at 30 days and 12-months post-index procedure rate of TLR, PP and MAEs at 6 and 12 months. Secondary endpoint: procedural success, ankle- brachial index (ABI) pre- and several FU periods, patency of treated vessel at FU (loss of patency defined as target vessel revascularization (TVR), or ≥ 50% stenosis & QOL questionnaire Clinical follow up to 3 years.

Qmedics wants to become an innovator in the field of arterial peripheral interventions that aims to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life. A major milestone was reached in the development of its novel designed stent technology. A vascular stent portfolio specifically designed to provide superb vessel scaffolding, enhancing accurate stent deployment regardless of the movability of the artery and in compliance of the lesion characteristics by using two different types of stents: PULL & FLEX.

Qmedics hopes to be ready with the preparations and start the trial early 2020.

31. May 2022

First public announcement of the Horizon trial , were Qmedics “back to the basics concept” with the innovative stent design that takes into account both movability and lesion characteristics.

Treatment of the Femoro-Popliteal district with the innovative Exist NiTi Stent (QMEDICS) type Flex & Pull: the HORIZON clinical trial. Marone E.M.1, Rinaldi …

28. February 2022

Qmedics is proud to announce the first Enrolment in the “HORIZON” trial for the Treatment of PAD

The Horizon study will provide information on the long-term outcomes of the innovative EXIST NiTi self- expandable stent with its two types of …

30. November 2021

Qmedics has obtained the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate for its quality control, cleanroom facility and medical device manufacturing activities at its Swiss-based facility in Zürich- Flurlingen in November 2021

I am very pleased that Qmedics AG has been able to achieve the GMP certification. A GMP certification in general is granted to …

19. May 2021

Our publication Safety and Efficacy of Peripheral Embolization with EASYX Liquid Embolic Agent: A multicenter Prospective Study was accepted by the Journal of Vascular Interventional Radiology.

The use of cyanoacrylates, used for embolization for a long period of time, has decreased in the last decades, they are currently still …

28. February 2021

First EasyX Case report in Nicosia General Hospital, Cyprus

A 64-year Old patient presented to the nephrostomy department of Nicosia General Hospital with chronic allograft nephropathy and elevation of the inflammatory markers …

31. January 2021

A milestone reached EASYX I trial closed successfully

COVID-19 has created challenges in every aspects of healthcare. Due to the current pandemic, the medical device industry has been under tremendous pressure …

31. August 2020

Qmedics Peripheral stent system family

After two and a half years of hard work finally we present the new peripheral stent family.It was a difficult path: The R&D …

30. July 2020

PTA Qmedics product family Manatee-Naga-Nova is launched

The rise in the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and peripheral vascular diseases, adaptation to a sedentary lifestyle, better healthcare facilities are key factors …

31. July 2019

NEW PRODUCT added to our Portfolio

The EASYX™ Liquid Embolic is a new injectable, precipitating polymeric agent for the obliteration of vascular spaces through direct puncture or catheter access …

31. October 2018

New Organization for Qmedics

In 2016 the Board of Directors decided to sell the sister company of Qmedics, who was at the same time the biggest customer …

28. September 2018

Qmedics team at Cirse

Our travel did start with a strike of the taxi drivers, a delay in our shipment of workshop material- but as a team …

31. July 2018

First workshop: Endovascular treatments of PAD

With the organization of workshops the professionals get to understand the two stent types “ Pull & Flex”. The first workshop “Endovascular treatments …

30. March 2018

Exist & Manatee launched in “Der Schweiz”

As a Swiss company we are very pleased that our improved QM1 “Exist” a product entirely developed at our facility “made in Switzerland” …

3. January 2018

LINC congress: Presentation of our innovative product portfolio

Already a whole year qmedics R&D engineers are working on this concept and with success.The Finite element analysis (FEA), the bench testing and …

22. December 2017

Qmedics receives DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 Certificate

Qmedics is proud to announce its DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 certification.The company is now in the right to develop, manufacture and market medical …

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